Tuesday, January 27, 2009

¿Como se dice "hot dog" en Español?

This is a question of great importance. I eat them alot.

Last week I had spagetti with hotdogs in it. One night my whole dinner consisted of 4 hotdogs. Last night I got two hotdogs and some stewed tomatoes. I don´t really like hot dogs. After this experience I will never eat a hotdog again.

Other than that, the food is delicious. Lots of potatos and garbanzo beans and lentils. Ham is a big deal too. I feel as though I have eaten more variety of pork products in the last three weeks than ever before. Laura, you would not survive her. Everything is strange. I told my mom about you last night and how you only eat "comida blanca". She does not approve. Vegetables are important. But, Elena doesn´t eat anything but ham, cheese, and lentils, so she understands.

I have my eye on a spanish cookbook for when I come home. Also, this week I start cooking classes. Today I will be learning how to make tortillas (spanish omlete of eggs and potatos). Very delicious.

In case you cared, now you know. The food is deliciousa, even with the hotdogs. So, you are all invited to a fiesta en mi casa cuando vuelvo a los EEUU en abril!

Besos y abrazos,


  1. Angie, If any of your colleagues are tennis fans, the Australian Open is playing in Melbourne - a number of spanish players poised to win .. Nadal esp.

    A note on speaking Spanish --- since there are so many cognates between English and Spanish I learned if you use an English word and put a Spanish ending on it, e.g., immediadamente etc., your vocabulary increases in leaps and bounds. A term I learned no sea posado .. was useful esp. when I wanted to do something for someone and they protested. Hope you learn to make a good paella in your cooking class ... also don't forget to buy Saffron, so cheap there. Carry on ...

  2. another note 1-27

    Out West here we make eggs with potatoes, tomatoes, gr peppers, cheese - whatever you've got around, except here they're called frittatas. AJ

  3. Rome is huge - but a great walking city. I had to walk the 10 days I was there due to one of their "hiccup" strikes ... this one transportation.

    Check out www.vatican.va for an overview of what you want to see. I barely scratched the surface in 10 intensive days.

  4. Ángela,

    Hoy, hablé con el doctor Ellis sobre la clase de Español. Terminé la clase con él, pero, después de la conversación sobre la clase, hablamos sobre tú y las adventuras tuyas. También le me dice que te escribirá pronto. Pues, ¿escribe el doctor Ellis a ti? Por favor, dime si te escribe. Espero que tengas un fin de semana fantástico. Necesito leer para los clases ahora.

    Adios amiga.

    Abrazos y besos,

  5. Hot Dog - perro caliente At least that's what my Spanish translator says! But I'm sure they Spanish have a better description!

  6. Hi Angie, it's your cousin Greg, Clare told me about the blog, so I thought I would follow along. Sound like quite an experience, good luck.

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