Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dia de San Anton

So guess what? Today is the feast day of Saint Anthony. I just happen to live on Calle de San Anton in San Anton. Last night as I was walking home I followed a bunch of old ladies headed toward the church at the end of my street. My mom told me it was for a celebration at the church, a fiest day. Well this morning I woke up to tons of music and dogs barking. Mom called me downstairs to come see the procession. Those of you who know what this is, you know its cool. My whole street was filled with people, a marching band, lots of animals (dogs, birds, and HORSES). In the center was a huge status of San Anton. The people all walked to the church and mass began. When I headed here 7 hours later, they were stilling celebrating. It was on the local news too, which was cool.

I guess there are tons of processions throughout Spain. Next week there is one that is just for women, celebrating women. My mom, Loly, was very surprised when I told her we don´t typiclly do that type of thing in the US. But wow, was it ever impressive.

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