Saturday, January 24, 2009

Madrid y Mas

Bright an early we left for Madrid!

It was quite a day, but I will need to go back soon.

We visited the Palacio Real, the home of the Spanish royal family. Except that they don't live there. It's more for parties and formal things. We saw the whole thing in about an hour. I will be going back to actually see everything.

Then we had lunch at El Museo de Jamon, a chain of famous restaurants. Not going to lie-it kinda sucked. French fries and fried chicken? Is that the best you've got? Oh well, it was lunch, and before 3:30, so that's a plus.

During our free time we tried to find Puerto de Sol or something like that. I don't even know. We walked around and ended up shopping for a couple hours. From this experience I learned one thing- It is a bad idea to travel in large groups. With 8 girls, when one stopped we all did, and that took FOREVER.

My first impressions of Madrid are vague. What I did get to see, the shopping district, was not too much more exciting then Chicago or any other US metropolis. The arcitecture was beautiful and the parks were numerous and pretty, but I need to come back to actually see what's beyond the surface.

I am coming back to Madrid in two weekends, so then we shall see. I will probably be going to High School Musical. JUST KIDDING! But it is here, if you and your friends would like to come see the broadway production.

Yeah, so that was all there was to Madrid. I feel like there should be more, but there really isnt.

I can say one thing after my one little day in the city, I definitely choose the right place to study. Toledo is so great. A little behind the times, but great. Madrid is a place to visit, but I think I would die if I lived here.

Hopefully the rest of Madrid will impress me, because right now.....

The "MAS"

Last night I was supposed to go out, at 11pm. Too late. So I decided to take a nap until about 10 (I got home from Madrid around 9). Problem, I didn't set my alarm. So I woke up at 2 instead. Oops.

I guess I'll just have to go tonight. Or not. I don't know.

Today I am just working on homework. I have so much for this coming week. And I can't get behind. I plan to travel most every weekend, so I've got to stay on top of everything so I am homework free come Thursday night.

Oh, a comment for the record. My Spanish SUCKS! Yesterday we didn't speak a lick of Spanish all day, and I can tell. Even listening to people is so much harder than it was a couple days ago. Lesson learned- SPEAK SPANISH ALL THE TIME!

I think I am going to give up English for Lent!

Have a great weekend everyone. Maybe something interesting will happen soon that I can report on!


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