Thursday, January 22, 2009

La Vida Buena

I have the best people in my life. All you at home are amazing, and so are the people here. Thanks for all the homesick tips fellow study abroaders :-)

I should tell you the cool new things that I have done in the past two days.

I talked to my family! Actually, we watched TV. La programa ¡Fama! ¡A Bailar!. It´s based on the movie Fame. Or kind of like Dancing with the stars and real World all in one.

Soo funny!

Yeah, so watching TV today I learned all about the lack of censorship in Spain. Sex, Sex, the true visions of war, and more sex. During the day and prime time.

What else? My little sis loves American music. My mom loves sardines. Frozen pizza is better in Spain. Public Universities are CHEAP (think $80 US dollars a semester). The election process here is weird, but interesting. Bush hasn´t spoken to Spain since 2004 (Jerk). The guy on TV last night made a joke about Obama, but all I understood was "OBAMA", so I hope I shouldn´t have been offended. Tons of people are learning English here. THe unemployment rate is super high. Of the 13.5% active in the labor force, more than 3.000.000 are unemployed. In Spain, if you have a job, all health care is covered. Public universities are better than private ones. Late year 70 women were killed as a result of domestic violence. You can legally marry your same sex lover anywhere in Spain. The king is super catholic, but still approved of this and legalized abortion. I love all men working in the history field. I think my favorite Spanish food is Marmataco. Yum! I have eaten more ham and hotdogs in the last 6 days than in the last year of my life.

Yup, that´s about it. Class is amazing, all of them. I love them.

Ok, well I´m going to this weird "meet your spanish match" dinner tonight. It´s weird. Actually its a chance for us to meet other people from Toledo, but also to meet peple interested in an intercambio (convrsation partners) So it will be exciting. I really want to meet some older spnish men. They are hard to get to know here. But they all seem nice. I´ve met women young and ld and of course younger guys, but I think I could learn alot from a man here. I´d like to see the difference in perspective between men and wmen. I´ve talked alot with my mom, so now I need to find a papa.

Ok, well now I am going to start looking at fights and stuff.

Besos y muchos abrazos.
Os amo!

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