Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I think the honeymoon might be over...

So people tell you there are for stges when moving to a new culture. The furst is the honeymoon stge, aka. falling in love with new things and never wanting it to end. Sometime after that reality sinks in.


I miss talking to everyone, sleeping in my bed, English. America. I am so happy to be here. But I need to talk to someone I know well. You have no idea how pathetic I am. I get online at noon here. You all are still asleep. I get back online and hope that I got an email, facebook message, or even comment on my blog. It´s sick. I miss being connected to everyone alreadyt. I´ll get over it. The feeling passes when I´m in class or walking around Toledo, but when I feel alone or disconnected from the people around me, all I want is to be home.


The point, send me a message once in a while. Let me know what´s happening at home. I know it might be lame, but help me out. I´,m the girl who has gone maybe 10 days without going home. I live 25 miles from where I go to school. This is hard. I have to push myself everyday. To talk to new people, to try a new language, to make new friends, to learn, to be independent, to be lonely, to not miss little things like my computer and the radio.

I kindof disgust myself. I am in probably the most beautiful place ever created by man and I am crying over being here and not there. I guess the same thing happened freshman year, but I´m a different person now, so I´ll handle it better than I did back in the day...

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and don´t forget about me in the months to come.



  1. Hola Angela,

    I'm sorry you are feeling homesick. Know that it will get easier, especially once classes get more in depth and you start traveling on the weekends. Life during the semester abroad flies by. Know that, despite the time difference, people here are still thinking about you and missing you. I know I for one am going to miss seeing you around campus, especially in the library, and in Spanish class! I know you will come back a more independent person, changed in ways you might not even be aware of. Try to count down the weekends, if that helps. I know it helped me at the beginning when I was pretty homesick.

    Abrazos para ti,

  2. It's cold here 5, heat wave by Thursday,31. Sharon Zahringer's house burnt down last night, total loss, no one injured. Mom's working tonight, should be home soon. Got my 20 year pin today from County.
    We gots a new president in the USA.

    Sounds like you are having quite an experince in your new land of Oz. I see your mama works for the government too, you just can't get away from those "G" people ,can you. HA HA

    Take it easy on those hot Spaniard men. Take care and keep the faith.

    Bye Bye

  3. Well see your Dad posted a note! So let's start with the typical conversation, the weather! While it may be 5 degrees in Wisconsin, we hit 80 degrees on Wednesday in Arizona! But then it turned to rain, so it's raining today.

    Yup, all us government workers who you're related to! Aren't you lucky! But even working in the government isn't safe these days! We just found out that Arizona is cutting the education budget significantly and that ASU may need to close down a campus and layoff 1000 - 2000 people! So we're all writing our state senators and representatives!

    Keep enjoying your travels. It will make time go by quickly and all those homesick feelings will soon pass!

    By the way, Obama retook the oath of office since it got screwed up on inauguration day. They wanted to make sure it was right even though per the Constitution, he officially became president at noon on Jan. 20th! Kind of funny, though!

    Hang in there!