Monday, January 26, 2009

The Rain in Spain....

does NOT fall mainly on the plain. It falls in the hills of Toledo as well. It´s rained for the last four days. I love it. Soggy old Toledo is just as glorious as sunny Toledo, only now I get to check out everyone´s umbrellas.

I would like to make some observations of small differences between here and the US:

1. People carry huge umbrellas, all the time. not just tiny ones that fit in your purse. I love that!
2. The post office vehicles are bring yellow.
3. I think everyone in Toledo is learning to drive this week. This morning alone 7 "autoescuelas" stopped at ,my bus stop.
4. Almost no one, at least in Toledo talks on their cell phone. Very refreshing.
5. no one is ever in a hurry. waiting 20 mnutes for a bus, why not
6. chocolate for breakfast. amazing!

I had a whole list, but I can´t think of the rest. maybe later.

Off to class, week 2.

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