Sunday, January 18, 2009

La Discoteca

I did it! I survived my first night out.

What a night! We ended up at some club with the bartender from Enebro, we were the only American there, which was fab. Oh my gosh. It was too amazing for words. We got carded and everything. Hells yeah! I can go out in Spain! I now understand however how expensive this activity can be. $6 for vodka y ´vodka´- the second vodka was actually fanta, but no one understood me when i told them what i was drinking, including the bartender-that was a close one.

Oh, and you know how I am in love with Toledo, I need to rephrase that. I am in love with the men of Toledo, wait no, all Spanish men under 40. I am serious. All you chicas need to get here fast. These guys are muy caliente! What an adventure this will be....

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