Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Las Clases Españolas


Well, I love listening to it and learning about it. I´m learning to love speaking it.

My first day of classes was long. From this point on I think my life will be nothing but boring schoolness.

I had gramática avanzada and literatura del siglo XX, 20th century Spanish lit. YIKES! This professor talks FAST. I am not over exaggerating.

Our classes are 1 hour 15 minutes, two times a week. What´s weird though, is that for four of my five classes, both sessions are on the same day. Mondays I have two sessions of lit. Tuesdays my only classes are two sessions of my Latin American Politics class, Wednsdays I have Spanish Theology, and Thursday I only have History of Spain since 1936. And then I have grammar of two seperate days.

It´s weird. I only have each class one day a week. WEIRD! But it´s nice. No class on Fridays. For the most part we will be starting all of our travels on Thursday night.

I was planning out my trips last night. I need more weekends. I have three weekends that aren´t already full. And there are so many places to visit. AAHHHH!!

Oh, another great thing about SPain, shady copyright laws. ALl my books are photocopies, so they´ll be about $50. I love that!

That´s about it.

Oh, last night I listened to music with my 14 year old sister, all American. She´s sort of in love with Pop. So funny. I love her. She´s such a teenager. Her music was blaring through the house until Mom yelled at her. So she turned it down, until Mom left the room. Then when Mom told her to turn it off, she called her friends for a couple hours. Then we ate, then she started the routine all over again, util Loly told her to start her homework.

Ok, Voy a La Politica de America Latina!


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