Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let´s Make Plans

So I have decided to just get over it. Let´s start talking trips.

So Madrid tomorrow! Then the festival for the patron Saint of Toledo tomorrow night, aka. A GIANT PARTY IN THE DISCOTECA!!!

Right now we are making travel plans for the months to come. It is overwhelming but amazing. The world is at my fingertips, but I don´t want to see the world, I just want to see every inch of SPAIN.

It´ll start next weekend. I´m either heading to Málaga or SEvilla. I think it will be Sevilla. I don´t have any class on Thursday, so we´re gonna make it a 4 day weekend!

The next weekend, a mystery. Then Madrid, then CARNAVAL in CADIZ (its a crazy two week party before Lent). The next weekend? Barcelona. Then a trip to Andalucil, Granada and Cordoba. Then Valencia for LAS FALLAS!!! Maybe a weekend exploring Toledo to follow. Then 10 days in Italy and Sicilly. Then Segovia. Then San Sebastian. And then that is every weekend. Then I come home.

Some time in there I have lots of 20 some papers, 6 novels to read, midterms and finals, a few presentations, and a research project to prepare for when I get home (which I havent even chosen a topic for)

YIKES! I wish my dear Heather was here to set up all these plans for me, but for now I guess I´ll have to do it myself. Yeah, I´ll be spending the weekend exploring Toledo and booking flights, trains, buses, and hostels!


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