Friday, February 20, 2009

When Studying Abroad, Study Should be Optional

I love school, when it doesnt include homework or exams. For the most part, the last 5 weeks of my life have been free of both. Well, it's all caught up to me. Now, the weekend of carnaval I will be spending my Friday night studying, writing papers, and reading. What fun!

Whose idea was it really to include the need to study in studying abroad. I have so many other things to spend my time on, like watching Dawson Crece and reading Corpusculo and helping Elena with her English homework. Oh, and of course planning my upcoming visits.

Not kidding. I go to my classes and love every minute, but my work ethic here SUCKS! I am reading Twilight in Spanish instead of some Ortega y Gasset novel. I watch Dawson's Creek in the morning instead of some movie about Mexico in 1949. Both are in Spanish, so I am still learning, just not what's going to be on the test.

As for travel, one more weekend in Toledo and then it will be a whirlwind of weekends outside of the Casco. I now have tickets to Galicia, then Granada, then Pais Vasco (home of the ETA), then Barcelona, then Segovia, then a week in Italy, then finals week, then home.

It's nuts, crazy, loco, insane, increible. I can't even explain how surreal it is. I have about two months left in Spain, 6 weeks of class, 2 weeks of exams, 7 weekends of travel, and its all over. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that. Yeah, it'll be amazing to go home, but I feel like I just got here, even though it's a third over. I still can't speak Spanish, but I now know that the USA supported Franco in the Spanish Civil War and that you can legally drop out of high school at age 16. So that's cool.

Crap, Midterms. 10 page paper on Latin America, 4 essay tests, a paper on a book I have to read, and two crazy nights of Carnaval. Well, only one for me....I'm lame.

Also, random, but my birthday is on Easter, my 21st birthday is on Easter SUNDAY. This is both cool and sucks. And, half of my friends will be in France while I am in Toledo for the holiday. Plans stand that kings cup will be played in my honor the following THursday, so I am looking forward to that too. Ooo, and that's our last day of class! Life just keeps getting better.

I feel like I may have procrastinated enough. Thanks for reading. Look forward to Carnaval adventures. (I plan to become slightly intoxicated in honor of the event and stay out to the wee hours of the morning) (please don't think any less of me family, it is the Spanish way)

Un Beso.

Oh, the beso reminds me, my "date" with Juan was canceled this week. He had to work. Did I mention this alreadY? Maybe, but it made me sad. Now I must only hope to run into him this weekend. Wish me luck with that ;-) (I kid, I kid)

Otro beso y un abrazo fuerte!!!

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