Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spanish People Are Cool

Ok so I have to leave a quick not about how in love with my intercambio (conversation partner) I am. Very much!

Juan is 24. He is so cool. He's actually an English Studies student, currently working towards his masters degree. He's hoping to move to New Zealand or the US soon to teach Spanish.

Before yesterday I hadn't met this kid, all I knew was his name. We decided, via email, to meet under an archin Zocodover. I was quite nervous about this little adventure. Two hours of forced conversation with a SPANIARD I had never met.

Well, it turned out to be amazing. After our beso and an awkward moment in which we established which language we would speak, we went to this cool cafe/bar called Picarro in el Casco. I forgot how much fun it could be to have a real conversation with someone. I mean, I have conversations everyday with my friends here, but they're about classes, comparing families, our life in the US, where we are going to travel, etc. Juan is an interesting guy. He's traveled all over Europe and, because he has studied quite a bit about the US, has a really interesting point of view. Anyway, we ended up talking for a couple of hours, English and Spanish, about everything from music, movies, bars and nightlife, to healthcare in the US and Spain.

After this conversation with Juan I was reminded why you need to study in a new country. To talk to the people. To compare your point of view to others and to question what you believe. Juan also pretty bluntly told me to suck it up and just speak Spanish. I told him that I was shy, and he was like, no, you're not. Haha. So I think meeting with him might help me out. He makes it a point to correct my errors when I speak, which is equally frustrating and helpful.

SO yeah, that's my intercambio. We're planning on meeting again next weel. Oh, and a disclaimer, Juan has a girlfriend who is equally as cool, but Juan also has lots of friends who do not have girlfriends, so we shall see...

That's about it for life from the last two days. I can't believe it's only Tuesday. The rest of the week will be pretty mellow, once I get through the two papers I have due tomorrow. Thursday night I am going to an Elvis Presley cover band and then to El Escorial on Friday. The weekend will consist of me shopping for a Carnaval costume and maybe going to a bar or too. Fun times.

I have 77 days left in Spain, so I think I better start making them count!

Un Beso!

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