Thursday, February 26, 2009

I did it. I survived midterms. Let me tell you, it was a battle.
- I wrote a ten page paper on the entire history of all of latin america
- I wrote a three page in-class essay on the influences on the generation of 1898 in Spanish literature and how this translated into the works of Miguel de Unamuno and reates to the wors of Proust.
- I took a hellish grammar exam, and have a 10 page packet to finish for Monday
- I wrote an essay and 15 short answers in classrelating the philosophies of Plato to that of Plontino and how that translitioned into the Catholic theologies of Saint Augustine and eventually Santa Teresa de Jesus and San Juan de la Cruz.
- I wrote a 5 page in class essay about the reforms of the second republic in Spain and the varies forms of global aid each side received during the Spanish Civil War, and why.

I am amazed at all that I have learned in just 5 weeks, and the fact that I remembered it all.

However, now my brain is fried. I still have to finish that grammar packet. Then I have to finish a book and write a 5 page analysis of that baby for Monday.

Oh, and I will be leaving for Madrid with a final destination of Santiago de Compostala at 5AM!!! Yay I love cities and public transportation.

It is going to be a great way to wrap up a crazy week.

Also, my little sister's new favorite song is "Say My name" or whatever it's called. It's hilarious. And, my new favorite shoe is "Hombres de Paco."

Yeah, that's what I did all week. Studied, studied, studied, wrote a paper, and studied some more.

Un beso,

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