Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cordoba, Finally

Well, a full week after my adventure to Cordoba, Spain, I am finally rested enough to write about it. Cordoba. 45 minutes by train north of Sevilla. Whitewashed wall of the Casco lead to the Mezquita, or the Cathedral, depending on who you are. This Mosque turned cathedral is a true testament to the cultural infusion that exists throughout Spain. I can’t remember the exact dates and details, but basically this amazing mosque was build by the Moors of Cordoba when they were in power. After the reconquista of Cordoba, the king at the time, Charles III maybe, ordered a Cathedral to be built in the center of the mosque, utilizing the space and solidifying the Catholic presence in the town. When it was completed more than 200 years later, the then King claimed that is was a travesty, that they had ruined a priceless work of art. Now masses are held there daily, as well as a number of Moorish, Visigoth, roman, and golden age Spanish relics.

Other than the Mezquita, there’s not much else to see in Cordoba in the winter. There’s a zoo somewhere (I saw a sign), and a botanical garden. There is also, as is necessary in every city in Spain, an Alcazar. The interior of this one was miles from that of the Sevillan Alcazar, but the beautiful gardens and fountains were worth the 2 euro entrance. Yes, it is the dead of winter here, a whole 50ish degrees outside, but even now, everything is spectacular. While in the garden we met some more Scottish folk. They are everywhere…

So, we finished with that, booked it back to the train station and headed back to Sevilla. The plan was to get back around 9:00, freshen up, and go to a flamenco show somewhere in the city….

But plans change….

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