Thursday, March 12, 2009

¡¡Bienvendios a la Primavera!!


Spring has finally arrived in Toledo. I know this for many reasons, one of which was the 26º weather yesterday and today, put I would like to make a list of a few more:

- I saw my first Spanish lawn mower on my walk to school this morning
- restaurants are putting the tables back outside
- it is now rare to see a spaniard with a scarf
- they were painting the lamp posts today
- tourists are wearing shorts
- things are finally green
- siestas in the park by my house
- americans are walking around in very little close trying to get a tan...
- I am reaching that panic point in the semester, only 4 weeks of class left and still so much to do...

I hope you all are enjoying the start of Spring too.

Tonight I´ll be leaving for the airport. We´re spending the night there before our flight to Barcelona tomorrow morning. What a great way to kick off SNC´s spring break. Sadly, I have a paper on the philosophy of Ortega y Gasset and a rewrite of a paper for political science to finish before then. Oh, and I am going to a teteria tonight!

I should mention, because by the time I get to telling you about last weekend I will ahve forgotten....I have this feeling that I am ready to come home. I am not homesick anymore. I mean, some american food would be good, and I would love TV in English, but in general, life here is just starting to get comfortable, and I think this is what makes me ready. I am not going to lie, my Spanish conversation skills still suck, but in general, I am getting better at this Spanish thing.

What I am realizing though, is that I like home. The people and the things that make home home are there. I miss my stuff, my family, inside jokes and knowing what is going on in the lives of the poeple I love. It is hard to keep track when I am so rapped up in my world here. Don´t get me wrong, I still love it here and am soaking in every minute, but in the last two weeks I have gone from "I never want to leave" to "when my time is up, I´ll be ready to come home." I like this.

I don´t feel like Spain has changed me all that much, it has maybe just made me more appriciative of the things and people I have in my life. It has however, helped me to see the ways I have changed in the last two years. I would never have been able to do this a year or two ago. It has proven to me that I have grown up, learned a little, and am a stronger and better person than when this whole college thing started.

I kind of feel like my study habits have completely disappeared, like COMPLETELY, but whatever, I´ll get over it. I am learning enough, homework is just a time filler...No Pasa Nada!! It´s the motto of my life here, and I hopefully won´t forget it when I get home to the crazy multitasking world of the great USofA. Also, I would like to have a conversation with an American history or politics prof about this whole Spanish Civil War business....but that´s for another day.

I am going to class. Have a safe spring break and weekend/week

Un beso, y muchos abrazos!

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